Every Catenian Circle sponsors Masses annually including those for deceased Catenian brothers and widows. Our Catenian Provinces and Areas - (names we Catenians give to a geographical collection of Circles) - also sponsor Masses. Catenian Provinces come together to have Masses celebrated to remember past Catenian Brothers and their Wives. National branches of our international brotherhood do likewise.

Every Catenian Circle has a President and once a year he sponsors a Mass on President's Sunday, a day of special local.celebration for Catenians, their wives and their families.  Each Circle also holds an annual Mass for Deceased Brothers and separately to remember deceased Wives.

We are Catholics and we like to celebrate our faith together in our parishes. We do all this whilst ensuring we have a lot of fun together in our frequent social gatherings.



As Catenians we support our Clergy and we support Vocations to the Priesthood and the Religious Life. Catenians do this in four ways

  • Firstly by prayer at every meeting.
  • Secondly by arranging Catenian Masses throughout the year.
  • Thirdly by formal support for Vocations via the Vocations Initiative, and finally...
  • By monetary support of the National Office for Vocation.

Each year, dozens of Catenian Provinces, hundreds of Catenian Circles and thousands of individual Catenians donate hundreds of thousands of Rands collectively for Vocations. the Diaconate and the Religious life.