Catenian Benevolent Fund

On becoming a Catenian each member gives an assurance that he is financially sound and that he can maintain any dependants and has made provision for the future. Notwithstanding this, he or his dependant may suffer material misfortune. It was to provide for this that the Catenians established what is now our Benevolent Fund.The Trustees task is always to set out to give discreet, effective aid to every benificiary in his or her predicament and not, except where it has a direct bearing, to question how that position was reached. The Scheme provides for the "Benefit of Charity" in these terms: the Trustees apply the income of the Charity at their discretion in relieving need amongst members and their dependants who are in conditions of hardship, need or distress by making grants or loans as the trustees may decide. It is extraordinarily comforting to know that come what may, each of us and our dependants will be looked after should it ever become necessary.  Find out more...

Fund Raising for Charity is not our primary aim...

However, each year around the world each Catenian Circle, Group, Province or Special Interest Society (like 'Golf', etc...) has a President or Chairman who chooses a President's Charity to support that year. Funds raised through raffles and similar provide significant aid to the good causes supported. Collectively, this means millions of Rands are raised for charity each year... almost by way of an afterthought.


We also support the National and Diocesan Vocations Initiatives - providing millions of Rands to the Church around the world and locally to help promote and maintain Vocations to the Priesthood, the Diaconate and the Religious Life.


From time to time a special need is identified either to aid an individual or because of a catastrophic event. For this purpose we often create social events, auctions or similar to raise funds to help the needy. Fund raising is not our primary aim as we said - but we are mindful of those in need and of the Christian requirement to offer aid and succour - and to support our Church.


Catenian Charities

Catenian Bursary Fund

Each year the Catenian Bursary Fund gives cash grants (nothing to repay) totalling over R1.8M to young Catholics between the ages of 16 and 24, who work as helpers on Diocesan and HCPT pilgrimages to Lourdes or volunteer to work on projects around the world.

Conditions apply so do read carefully the conditions which include:

  • You MUST be a practising Roman Catholic.

  • You MUST be aged 16 to 24 

  • The project must clearly involve the implementation of Christian, and particularly Catholic, principles.

  • It must be of benefit to others and assist the personal and spiritual development of the applicant.

  • Projects may be undertaken by an individual, jointly with others or under the aegis of other organisations.

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