Johannesburg Catenians


As Catenians we support our Clergy and Vocations to the Priesthood & the Religious Life. Some Catenians themselves become Deacons of our Church. Our brotherhood provides significant funds annually to the Vocations Initiative via our Catenian Vocations Initiative.

The Catenian Bursary Fund exists to help young Catholics aged 16-24 participate in formally organised events around the world helping others. We also sponsor 'Flame'© and other events around the world that bring young Catholics together.

Offering real support to  Catholic men, their wives and families.

We share faith, friendship & fun

Quite often, the parish officers or helpers within our Churches at every level are Catenians

The Catenians in South Africa

There are thousands of Catenians around the world.  Johannesburg Catenans Circle was founded in 1984. Our brotherhood (‘The Catenians’) was founded in 1908 and is made up of local Catholic men and their wives and families who meet socially.  We Catenians encourage each other in the practise of our faith. There are Catenians in the UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malta, India, Bangladesh and our membership continues to spread. Find out more.

 Catenians meet socially at least once each month. They provide real support to each other in the practise of their faith as well as sharing frequent fun social events with their wives and families. Catenians are practising Catholics who share their faith. Through the Catenian Bursary Fund they support young Catholics as they grow. Bursaries are provided annually enabling young Catholics aged between 16-24 to join organised supportive ventures around the world helping others. Many of the Red Shirt helpers each year at Lourdes are there with the support of the Catenians. 'Flame'© is held every two years for Catholic young people and the Catenians provide significant sponsorship for this event. Our Catenian Benevolent Fund provides real support to any Catenian in financial need as well as to our widows and children. Catenians provide substantial support for Vocations to the priesthood, diaconate & religious life

Through our Catenian Benevolent Fund we help each other when need arises. Widows and children are never forgotten when a Catenian dies. No matter the hardship faced, we are there for each other. Being a Catenian means you have joined a true brotherhood.